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    Sunday, April 21, 2024 11:40:35 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Movie started out with promise, then descended into a shlock-fest. No drama, no horror, just a revolting mess. Giancarlo Esposito's talent is supremely wasted. Save your money, and see something else.

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    Civil War

    Sunday, April 21, 2024 9:45:40 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Amazing script

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    Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

    Sunday, April 21, 2024 6:39:53 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Great movie ,I liked the original cast was in it also .

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    Sunday, April 21, 2024 3:58:27 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Unstoppable fighting scenes, lots of humor in the movie and im glad made top 2 at the box office. Artistically made. Well Deserve. If you did not enjoy the movie , then you have a problem.