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Score: 7.25 / 10

Director: Guy Nattiv
Producer: Jane Hooks, Michael Kuhn, Nicholas Martin
Studio: Elevation Pictures
Starring: Helen Mirren, Zed Josef, Claudette Williams, Henry Goodman, Olivia Brody, Emma Davies, Rotem Keinan, Camille Cottin
Running Time: 100 minutes

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    Sunday, August 27, 2023 9:19:09 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Helen Mirren is incredible - you feel the anguish and stress, and also the strength of this woman. Every moment is intense. When the film ended no one in the theatre moved - everyone sat there unable to get up until the lights when up and the screen was completely dark - excellent film but be prepared to be sucked into the tension and the emotions. I have never experienced this watching a film. The joy of the result is also felt, but sadness that the amazing strength and personality of this woman is no where found in our current world -- and it is so needed! Bravo Helen Mirren ! You inspire with this performance!

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    Sunday, August 27, 2023 8:34:52 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    The depiction of her in the movie didn't corrispond with the actual true coverage of her in film. In the movie she walks around like a wounded the true coverage.. she's joking around, loud aggressive. i guess she's under stress from the opposing armies knocking at her door, because she does a lot of smoking and has upset stomach, heartburn and diarreaha. The movie's title should have been...The joy of stress. She has a warm bath in the movie which is good for stress relief...and yes you get a peek at a little side boob if your wondering. Go see it.. but to handle your stress with smoking is a no no. Instead of smoking on the roof she should be doing laps around it and do some squats and deep breathing....maybe put on some Enya. She feel more relaxed dealing with those bad men coming for her and her country. the end