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The Tiger's Apprentice

The Tiger's Apprentice
Score: 10 / 10
Released: January 19, 2024
Director: Raman Hui
Producer: Bob Persichetti, Jane Startz, Sandra Rabins
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Cast: Henry Golding, Lucy Liu, Brandon Soo Hoo, Sandra Oh, Michelle Yeoh, Leah Lewis, Kheng Hua Tan, Bowen Yang, Sherry Cola, Deborah S. Craig, Jo Koy, Greta Lee
Genre: Animation
Length: minutes

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The Tiger's Apprentice Overview

An ordinary boy named Tom (voice of Brandon Soo Hoo) living in San Francisco's Chinatown is drawn into a world of wonder against his wishes, when his eccentric grandmother turns out to be the guardian of the phoenix egg.

When his grandmother dies in battle and is spirited away in a ghost cart, Tom must apprentice with an unlikely mentor a tiger, Mr. Hu, in order to learn ancient magic and become the egg's new protector. They team with an unlikely band of exotic creatures, each representing a different sign of the Chinese zodiac, who can morph into humans.

Together with the band of mythological misfits, their job is to protect the ancient phoenix from Vatten and the Clan of Nine who wish to use its powers for evil.

Based on the fantasy novel by Laurence Yep.


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