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Jour de merde

Jour de merde
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Director: Kevin T. Landry
Producer: Kélyna N. Lauzier, Macha Houssart
Studio: K-Films Amérique
Cast: Ève Ringuette, Réal Bossé, Valérie Blais, Isabelle Giroux, Louka Amedeo Bélanger-Léos, Sylvio Arriola
Genre: Thriller
Length: 91 minutes

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Jour de merde Overview

Drowning under the abuse of both her narcissist ex-husband and condescending Lotto-Gold superior, a young single mother on the brink of a mental breakdown is sent to the middle of nowhere to interview a strange hermit. The uncooperative man who just won the jackpot will be the one to push her over the edge in quite spectacular fashion when she accidentally rams her car into a tree in front of his isolated cabin, setting up the events of an absurdly crappy day for both of them.


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