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Greater Montr�al Movies

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons
Score: 8.71 / 10
Released: September 30, 2022
Director: Aaron James
Producer: Aaron James, Cheryll Welke, Jared Snyder, Kat Winter
Studio: Kinosmith and
Cast: Corb Lund, Kaden Noskiye, Conway Kootenay, Lianna Makuch, Roseanne Supernault, Marie Zydek, William Auger
Genre: Comedy
Length: 100 minutes

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Guitar Lessons Overview

A 15-yr-old Metis boy (Kaden Noskiye) inherits an old guitar from a dead dad he never knew. Intent on learning to play, he reaches out to a cantankerous oilfield contractor (Corb Lund) who is reputed to have been something of a rock star back in the day. After several put-offs and failed attempts, lessons finally commence, and a 15-yr-old and a 50-year-old learn to grow up over guitar lessons.


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