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The Throwback

The Throwback
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Director: Mario Garcia
Producer: Doug Fox, Mario Garcia, Michael A. Alfieri
Studio: Photon Films
Cast: Justina Machado, Will Sasso, Gregg Sulkin, Michelle Randolph, Bobby Lee
Genre: Comedy
Length: 96 minutes

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The Throwback Overview

A married couple, deep in the trenches of a midlife crisis, find their world thrown into hilarious turmoil when underappreciated and stressed-out supermom (Justina Machado) suffers a post-traumatic breakdown, causing her to regress to her wild, college-age party-girl self. While she teams up with the neighbors 19-year-old daughter (Michelle Randolph) to paint the town red, her bewildered husband (Will Sasso) must navigate the chaos at home.


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