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The Tiger's Apprentice

The Tiger's Apprentice
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Released: January 19, 2024
Director: Raman Hui
Producer: Bob Persichetti, Jane Startz, Sandra Rabins
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Cast: Henry Golding, Lucy Liu, Brandon Soo Hoo, Sandra Oh, Michelle Yeoh, Leah Lewis, Kheng Hua Tan, Bowen Yang, Sherry Cola, Deborah S. Craig, Jo Koy, Greta Lee
Genre: Animation
Length: minutes

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The Tiger's Apprentice Overview

Based on the fantasy novel by Laurence Yep, about a boy named Tom as he becomes the magical apprentice of the tiger Mr. Hu. Together with a band of mythological misfits, their job is to protect the ancient phoenix from Vatten and the Clan of Nine who wish to use its powers for evil.


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