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Released: September 29, 2023
Director: Sophie Dupuis
Producer: Étienne Hansez
Studio: Axia Films
Cast: Théodore Pellerin, Félix Maritaud, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Tommy Joubert, Jean Marchand, Vlad Alexis, Marc-André Leclair, Alice Moreault
Genre: Drama
Length: 101 minutes

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Solo Overview

It's love at first sight when Simon, a rising star of Montreal's drag scene, meets Olivier, the new recruit of the bar show where he performs. While Simon believes he is living an electrifying love story, a toxic and destructive dynamic arises between them.

At the same time, Claire, Simon's mother, a famous opera singer, returns to work in the country after 15 years of absence. Fascinated by this woman he hardly knows but whom he idealizes, Simon persists in trying to create a bond with her. Weakened by the failure of these two impossible loves, Simon will have no choice but to realize that he deserves better.


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