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The Old Oak

The Old Oak
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Released: April 5, 2024
Director: Ken Loach
Producer: Rebecca O'Brien
Studio: Photon Films
Cast: Dave Turner, Ebla Mari, Claire Rodgerson, Trevor Fox, Chris McGlade, Col Tait, Jordan Louis
Genre: Drama
Length: 113 minutes

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The Old Oak Overview

TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner) runs a pub called The Last Oak in a village in Northeast England, but the future is uncertain, as some people leave the land following the closure of the mines.

Houses are cheap and available, thus making it an ideal location for the Syrian refugees. TJ soon becomes fast friends with a Syrian refugee and as Syrians begin to frequent the pub, it causes a rift between the newcomers and old-timers. With access to the same space, the union workers and the refugees begin to understand that they arenít as different as they thought.


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