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Hard Luck Love Song

Hard Luck Love Song
Score: 8 / 10
Released: October 15, 2021
Director: Justin Corsbie
Producer: Douglas Matejka
Studio: Photon Films
Cast: Michael Dorman, Sophia Bush, Dermot Mulroney, Eric Roberts, Brian Sacca, Melora Walters, RZA
Genre: Drama
Length: 104 minutes

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Hard Luck Love Song Overview

A modern day gritty love story, Hard Luck Love Song follows Jesse (Michael Dorman), a charismatic but down on his luck troubadour living out of cheap motels and making bad decisions. Jesse finds himself at an existential crossroads during a chance encounter with Carla (Sophia Bush), an old flame, as their complicated past and current troubles threaten to destroy their blissful reunion.


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