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Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas
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Released: May 20, 1964
Director: George Sidney
Producer: Jack Cummings
Cast: Elvis Presley, William Demarest, Ann-Margret , Cesare Danova, Ann-Margret , Nicky Blair, Dallas Johann, Rickey Murray, Robert Aiken
Genre: Comedy
Length: 86 minutes

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Viva Las Vegas Overview

Viva Las Vegas, one of Elvis Presley's most popular vehicles, adheres as rigidly to formula as a Kabuki dance. Elvis plays a race-car driver competing in the Las Vegas Grand Prix opposite his principal rival, Cesare Danova. To finance his entry, Elvis takes a job as a casino waiter. Naturally, he is occasionally prevailed upon to sing, making one wonder why he didn't choose this talent as a means of making some quick cash. As always, Elvis chases all the wrong girls, only to ignore the right one, portrayed by Ann-Margret in her considerable youthful prime (We're supposed to believe that A-M is the daughter of irascible William Demarest. So much for the reliability of gene pools). With a pre-fat Presley, an indescribably gorgeous Ann-Margret, and no fewer than 12 songs on the soundtrack, how could Viva Las Vegas help but reap a fortune at the box office?


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