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Score: 9 / 10
Released: November 10, 2023
Director: Denys Arcand
Producer: Denise Robert
Studio: TVA Films
Cast: Rémy Girard, Sophie Lorain, Marie-Mai , Guylaine Tremblay, Caroline Néron, Alexandra McDonald, Katia Gorshkova, Charlotte Aubin, Robert Lepage, Yves Jacques, Denis Bouchard, René Richard Cyr, Clémence Desrochers, Marcel Sabourin, Edgar Bori, Alex Rice, Guillaume Lambert, Danièle Lorain, Marie-Soleil Dion, Louis-José Houde, Gaston Lepage, Pierre Curzi, Johanne Marie Tremblay, Geneviève Schmidt
Genre: Drama
Length: 115 minutes

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Testament Overview

In an era of political correctness, identity evolution, protests, cultural scandals, activism, media storms and other disputes, an elderly man no longer having faith in humanity discovers new landmarks and thus his happiness.

In French with English subtitles.


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