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Greater Ottawa Movies

Enter the Drag Dragon

Enter the Drag Dragon
Score: 9.5 / 10
Released: March 4, 2023
Director: Lee Demarbre
Producer: Lee Demarbre
Genre: Action
Length: 99 minutes

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Enter the Drag Dragon Overview

Ottawa’s Mayfair Theatre is the home of the Crazy Dragon Detective agency, which consists of the drag queen Crunch (variously played by Sam Kellerman, Jade London and Matt Miwa). Crunch and best friend Jaws (Beatrice Beres) live on popcorn and martial arts movies, courtesy of the struggling theatre owner and kung fu instructor Fast Buck (Phil Caracas).

What starts out with Crunch taking on the search for a lost dog soon leads to encounters with the criminal goon squad The F.I.S.T., led by mob boss Gorch (Natalia Moreno), the violent Bible-thumping gang N.A.G. (which stands for Never Again Gay), and a sleazy construction boss called Foreman (Lloyd Kaufman).

At stake is a painting, which is secretly a map to an Aztec mummy’s treasure, stolen art which was stolen back by a rotten cop named Samantha (Judy Deboer). But treasure hunters might want to think twice, given that the booty is overseen by an Aztec mummy and his zombie army.


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