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Score: 9 / 10
Released: March 17, 2023
Director: François Bouvier
Producer: André Rouleau, Valérie d'Auteuil
Studio: Les Films Opale
Cast: Rose-Marie Perreault, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Nicolas Fontaine, Elise Guilbault, Jeff Boudreault, Anick Lemay, Henri Picard, Frédéric Millaire Zouvi, Antoine Pilon, Martin Larocque, Louis-Georges Girard
Genre: Drama
Length: 104 minutes

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Victoire Overview

Victoire Du Sault, 17, has been expelled from every school she attended. The young woman has a hard time with authority and refuses to be placed in a box. After fashioning her first shoes in the stable of the family home, she decides that this will be her career: she will become a shoe designer.

She falls in love with an older man with whom she unfortunately has no future. Victoire then sets her sights on a pleasant young man, who is gentle and respectful, and they begin a family. But she will never be able to forget her first love.

In French with English subtitles.


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