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The Blind Steal

The Blind Steal
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Released: April 22, 2022
Director: Maxime Giroux
Producer: Réal Chabot
Studio: Entract Films
Cast: Vincent-Guillaume Otis, François Arnaud, Christine Beaulieu, Paul Henry Athis, Alex Godbout, Jonathan Gagnon, Alexandre Goyette, Paul Doucet
Length: 119 minutes

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The Blind Steal Overview

Montreal, summer 2001. Feeling cramped in the small apartment he shares with his wife, who is pregnant with their first child, Éric Asselin, an investigator at the Quebec Securities Commission, is ready to improve his situation. Impressed by the assurance and ambition of Vincent Lacroix, founder of the new Norbourg investment firm, he offers his services as Vice President of Finance. Together, the two men set up a complex system of international bank accounts aimed at diverting a large part of the funds entrusted to them by investors. Thanks to his knowledge of the internal workings of the Securities Commission, Asselin guarantees Lacroix that all accounting audits will go off without a hitch. But the tide turns the day Lacroix makes an unfortunate revelation to a journalist about his tax shelters. Feeling the heat, Asselin is ready to do anything to save his skin.


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