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A Good Person

A Good Person
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Released: March 24, 2023
Director: Zach Braff
Producer: Christina Piovesan, Christine Vachon, Florence Pugh, Noah Segal, Pamela Koffler , Zach Braff
Studio: MGM Pictures
Cast: Florence Pugh, Morgan Freeman, Celeste O'Connor, Molly Shannon, Chinaza Uche, Zoe Lister-Jones
Length: 125 minutes

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A Good Person Overview

Allison (Florence Pugh) is a young woman with a wonderful fiance, a blossoming career, and supportive family and friends. However, her world crumbles in the blink of an eye when she survives an unimaginable tragedy, emerging from recovery with an opioid addiction and unresolved grief. In the following years, she forms an unlikely friendship with her would-be father-in-law (Morgan Freeman) that gives her a fighting chance to put her life back together and move forward.


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1  Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas (50.82km) 88 West Pender, Vancouver, (604) 806-0799
Sat 12:30 3:40 6:55 9:40  
Sun 12:50 3:55 6:50 9:40  
Mon - Thu 1:05 4:00 6:50 9:40  

2  Fifth Avenue Cinemas (49.05km) 2110 Burrard Street, Vancouver, (604) 734-7469
Fri - Sat 12:30 3:30 6:30 9:20  
Sun - Mon 2:00 4:50 7:45  
Tue - Thu 12:30 3:30 6:30 9:20  

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