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Greater Vancouver Movies


Score: 9 / 10
Released: June 7, 2024
Director: Savi Gabizon
Producer: Alexander Vinnitski, Daniel Bekerman, Neil Mathieson
Studio: Mongrel Media
Cast: Richard Gere, Diane Kruger, Suzanne Clément, Marnie McPhail, Jessica Clement, Tomaso Sanelli, Stuart Hughes, Shauna MacDonald, Alex Ivanovici
Genre: Drama
Length: 110 minutes

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Longing Overview

When Daniel (Richard Gere) meets up with Rachel (Suzanne Clément) in a New York restaurant, Rachel reveals that his son Allen (Tomaso Sanelli) turned 19 two months ago. "Sort of takes after you," she says.

Since Rachel knew that Daniel didn't want kids, she never told him she was pregnant. But when Rachel drops another bombshell, Daniel decides to visit Canada (specifically Hamilton, where Allen grew up). As Daniel meets his son's best friend (Wayne Burns), his favorite teacher (Diane Kruger) and his girlfriend Lillian (Jessica Clement), he’s in for even more surprises.


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