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The Point Men

The Point Men
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Director: John Glen, Yim Soon-rye
Producer: Silvio Muraglia
Cast: Vincent Regan, Kerry Fox, Christopher Lambert, Donald Sumpter, Maryam d'Abo, Nicolas de Pruysenaere, Oliver Haden, Hendrick Haese, William Armstrong, Hyun-bin
Genre: Action
Length: 90 minutes

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The Point Men Overview

The year is 2007 and in Afghanistan, 23 South Korean missionaries get captured and held hostage by the Taliban. South Korean government dispatches Dae-sik a National Intelligence Service agent, and the diplomat Jae-ho to the warzone to negotiate for the group's lives. It's a dangerous mission, and soon not only are the hostages at risk, but also their two would-be rescuers.


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