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Tricks of the Night Sky

Tricks of the Night Sky
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Director: Andrzej Jakimowski
Cast: Damian Ul, Ewelina Walendziak, Tomasz Sapryk, Iwona Fornalczyk, Rafa? Gu?niczak, Joanna Liszowska, Andrzej Golejewski, Grzegorz Stelmaszewski
Length: 95 minutes

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Tricks of the Night Sky Overview

Join Jay Ingram as he guides us through space and back again in this 360 dome theatre immersive experience. How can we see the Milky Way in the sky if we're actually inside of it? If there are billions and billions of stars in the Universe why isn't the sky lit up with stars in every direction we look? This show takes you on a journey that reveals the tricks the night sky is playing on us that you may never be able to see with your own eyes.


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