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24 Hour Party People

24 Hour Party People
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Director: Michael Winterbottom
Producer: Andrew Eaton
Studio: United Artists Films
Cast: Steve Coogan, Andy Serkis, Paddy Considine, Simon Pegg, Ralf Little, Danny Cunningham, Chris Coghill, Dave Gorman, Peter Kay, Kate Magowan, Paul Ryder, Raymond Waring
Genre: Drama
Length: 117 minutes

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24 Hour Party People Overview

Manchester, 1976. Tony Wilson (Coogan) is an ambitious but frustrated local TV new reporter looking for a way to make his mark. After witnessing a life-changing concert by an unknown band called the Sex Pistols, he persuades his station to televise one of their performances, and soon Manchester's punk groups are clamoring for him to manage them. Riding the wave of a musical revolution, Wilson and his friends create the legendary Factory Records label and The Hacienda club, and bands like Joy Division, New Order, and the Happy Mondays emerge to change the industry forever.


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