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The Cinematheque

1131 Howe St.
(604) 688-8202
Vancouver, BC  V6Z 2L7

Movie Showtimes

Showtimes from Sunday October 2 to Thursday October 6

8 Stories About My Hearing Loss

Tue: 6:00


Mon: 9:15

Back Home

Sun: 3:45


Mon: 4:15

Concrete Valley

Mon: 6:30
Wed: 9:15

De Humani Corporis Fabrica

Thu: 9:00

The Hermit of Treig

Sun: 8:45

Know Your Place

Wed: 3:15

Like a Fish on the Moon

Tue: 8:45

Once Upon a Time in Calcutta

Thu: 3:30

Other Cannibals

Wed: 6:30

See You Friday, Robinson

Thu: 6:30

Soviet Bus Stops

Sun: 6:30


Tue: 2:45

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